Hemels van der Hart

Hemels van der Hart is a guarantee for beautiful and significant results that are the result of a clear organisation process in which we bring together fact and feeling, history and future. In our daily work we help people and organisations increase their relevance by connecting four fields of influence.

We help answer the following questions:

How do you make the story of your organisation clear and transparent?

Relevance begins with a clearly defined self-image of who you are and what value you add. We help organizations to formulate their story and pinpoint their position. img-hvdh-story

Which scenarios and perspectives are there?

Relevance is established through having a sharp eye for context, your operating environment and the opportunities it offers. We therefore help organizations to outline their perspectives and scenarios.

How can your organization give more shape and substance to your existing relationships?

Relevance depends on the development of relationships with target groups, stakeholders and the internal organization. And the most relevant way to do this, is through content. That’s why we help organizations to create and intensify content driven relationships.


How do organizations develop their internal culture and structure?

Relevance is something you need to live, refreshing it every day in every aspect. We therefore help organizations to develop their internal culture and to optimize their structures and processes. img-hvdh-sprocket